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St. Eithne's Primary School, Derry

Music at Saint Eithne's Primary School

9th Jan 2021

Music is an integral part of our development of 'The Arts' here at Saint Eithne's Primary School. Music is a fantastic way in which to develop children's self confidence and belief in their abilities and this is something that we, as a school, strive to instill in our children. 

Throughout our school we develop all aspects of music from listening and responding, to composition and performance.

Music Curriculum

As a school we use 'Charanga', an online digital platform, which focuses on the teaching of all aspects of the music curriculum in a fun, interactive and engaging manner. This platform provides opportunities for children to explore music development throughout the genres from classical music through to the modern world of rap, pop and hip hop music- the children absolutely love it!

Instrumental Tuition

Within our school, children from Primary 4 to Primary 7 learn the recorder and a wide range of percussion instruments as part of their weekly music lessons. We also provide instrumental tuition for woodwind and brass instruments such as trumpet and clarinet which is facilitated by a musical tutor from the Department of Education on a weekly basis.

School Choir 

Saint Eithne's Primary School Choir was initially established to perform at annual Liturgical services and Christmas shows. However, having grown from strength to strength the choir has performed at a variety of charitable and fundraising events within the school and wider community. The choir has successfully participated in a variety of local choir competitions and recently performed in Foyleside Shopping Centre for a charitable cause. 

Our school choir has a very eclectic and extensive music repertoire and perform traditional religion and modern gospel music as well as songs from well known musicals, and stage shows, Disney movies and modern chart hits. 

Our school choir also take on a leading role in our annual school productions such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella Rockerfella and Aladdin. 

Musical Productions

Saint Eithne's Primary School is well known for its annual musical productions. These productions provide our children with fun, motivating and invigorating experiences and give them a glimpse into what it is like to be involved in the hustle and bustle of live stage performances. With a real history of humour, charisma and laughter, these productions involve our children in the development of stage productions, props, set design, acting, singing and dance and leave them with life-long memories which they will cherish forever. 

At Saint Eithne's we are very fortunate to have such a hard working and dedicated team of staff members and parental volunteers to assist in costume design and make up and help us to make our productions such as success.