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St. Eithne's Primary School, Derry

Mission Statement

Vision & Mission

Aims for children

At Saint Eithne’s we encourage our children to achieve their full potential by enabling them to:

                                              DREAM.  BELIEVE.  DO.  REPEAT......

Mission for the school

As a Catholic school, we stand for respect, dedication, achievement, equality, success, creating opportunity, high standards, and strong ties with our parish and community.

We strive to develop happy learners through providing an education that nurtures and develops each child as a whole person, in the image of Christ.


Confidence. We have a ‘can-do’ attitude and believe in ourselves and each other. We have high aspirations, and always strive to improve in whatever we do.

Positivity. We always look on the bright side. We have an enthusiastic attitude and enjoy life. We spread good vibes and do everything with a smile.

Caring. We try to understand the perspective of others. We share our Christian values by always being kind, looking out for each other, and being supportive.

Do our Best. We learn from our mistakes, and celebrate effort and bravery for trying. We recognise the individual talents of each person.

Respect. We follow our Catholic ethos through tolerance of others and always doing the right thing. We are considerate of differences between each other.