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St. Eithne's Primary School, Derry

Primary Five blast off into Outer Space.

21st Oct 2016

On Thursday 20th October the Primary Five children paid a visit to the Waterside Theatre as part of the Peek-a-Book Children's Literature Festival. The children were there to listen to a talk about space, science and the universe by the English novelist Lucy Hawking.Lucy is also the daughter of Professor Stephen Hawking.  

After arriving at the theatre the children listened to Lucy talk about space travel to Mars, the International Space Station and the dreams for the future of cosmic travel such as a hotel in space!! Lucy also talked about the children's novels she has written with her father about the space adventures of George and Annie.

The morning's events finished off with a Q and A where the children asked some very interesting questions about supernovas, the big bang and the black hole. A great time was had by all. Beam me up Scotty !!